July 19 – A lot of action

Since I last posted our lives have been a whirlwind. Our license was approved with lightning fast speeds (well for what we had been told). We were told up to 3 months. It took just under 1.

3 days after that we were called about a placement. Due to medical issues and not being able to attend daycare, we had to decline. The next day we got another call and it was a newborn with no known medical issues. We accepted.

Needless to say it has been crazy. The little one was dropped off that very day. We ran out to pick up a few newborn items and took us 20 minutes to install the darn car seat. LOL.

Our neighbor has been really great with helping us learn the new parenting ropes. Swaddling, diaper changes, and more. We are overwhelmed, tired and in love. The little one is an exceptionally great baby. Just doesn’t like sleeping between 10 pm and 1 am.

We don’t get any time off for fostering with our jobs so we are alternating getting up for feedings and such.

While I am certainly feeling wonderful in this new adventure, I still feel like a fraud. All of our friends are over the moon for us, but we have to keep remembering that the baby isn’t ours. It is a loaner. We are simply taking the best care we can until the future gets decided.

Friends were all calling me momma. Which is super sweet, but still hurts. I am not really a mom. The late night feedings, the hugs and cuddles, the cute little outfit decisions are just part of the job. I am just doing my best to care for a tiny human that isn’t mine. Don’t get me wrong  I am so happy that we are doing this but it is still hard.

Hopefully the little one will be quick to catch on to what time is awake time and what time is sleep time! HAHA. One can hope…



2 thoughts on “July 19 – A lot of action

  1. That’s awesome! We started the foster care process last September and we’re still not approved! At least out state gives us 6 weeks off with partial pay for bonding with a foster child. And i know exactly what you mean about not being a mom and people not understanding. Several people want to throw me a baby shower but i really don’t want one, it feels kind of wrong. Good luck and enjoy having the little one around!

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