July 10 – Getting Closer

We were expecting to be waiting for months and months on the final step of getting our license approved. We heard from them a week after our application was put in. We had missed a date on our addresses. We corrected and already got an email that the preliminary check was complete. We are just waiting on the second person to check out our application before we are approved.

The nursery is getting closer to being complete. We bought a used changing table dresser with detachable hutch from a friend. I bought some primer and paint (after reading numerous blogs on how to refurnish furniture without sanding). Took 10 hours but it is looking amazing. Just have to paint the drawer pulls and touch up a couple of nicks. We still need a few pieces but it is starting to look like a real nursery.

It feels so strange. We aren’t pregnant but we are getting a room ready for a baby. It was even weirder looking at daycares. Obviously initial question, how old is your child? Well… um… about that. I told them we were doing foster care and knew the age range but nothing else. Spent like 5 hours touring 6 daycares near me. What do I know about finding a good daycare? Nothing!

The only thing I know is where I will not be sending the kiddo. There is a daycare near me that seemed overcrowded, stuffy and unorganized. The infant room had no windows. Who would want to be stuck in a room without sunlight all day?!?! It is hard deciding on whether I want a daycare with more features I like, or one that won’t cost me anything out of pocket. Obviously I wouldn’t send the kiddo somewhere that made me uncomfortable or seemed dirty or unsafe.

Our licensing agent said we could be approved as early as mid-July. Which is fast approaching! I wish we had more items, like a second car seat or a baby monitor, but one thing at a time. Here are some pictures of the dresser before and after:



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