June 11 – Passed our home inspection

The very last step was taken care of this week! We were on the OLR state inspection list for about 3 weeks when our agency put us on the “cancellation list.” Basically if we were lucky enough to have a cancellation in our area, they were supposed to call us and let us fill in.

Thursday evening we got a call from a restricted phone number. We didn’t answer. They left a message. It was a OLR person asking if we could be available Friday at noon! I called my boss to let him know I would be working from home and emailed my co-worker to let them know I was going to miss our noon meeting.  We called the OLR person back and said we would be available.

They arrived promptly at noon. They even followed my request to text me when they were out front because the door bell freaks the dogs out. They asked to start in the kitchen. I unlocked all the magnetic locked cabinets so they could see the contents. They tested the temp in the fridge, freezer and water. They checked in every cabinet.

I showed them the first aid kit in our locked medicine cabinet. They were surprised by all the instant cold compresses we got. LOL. We bought a six pack on Amazon just in case. We had all our of posted phone numbers, evacuation plan and disaster plan. We had copies of the current rabies for the dogs out for them to see.

They checked out the gun safe. Tested the fire alarms. Made sure a window in each bedroom opened. We passed with no deficiencies (something our agency has to follow up on). After the inspection while filling out all the paperwork, they asked if we were trying to get a baby. I said yes (they mentioned seeing the crib). They wished us luck. It was odd. I kind of imagined a grumpy old man coming to do our inspection, not a friendly young person!

So now we are just waiting on people at the state to approve our license and then to get a call. We put together the crib this week. Ordered a baby carrier and our car seat. We are still deciding on a baby monitor. Our friend is selling us a used changing table/dresser/hutch. Almost ready (well at least for the arrival of the little one).

Hopefully we get lucky and the state approves us sooner rather than later.

Here is a sneak peek at the nursery:

(Note: the bunting and blankets and stuffed animals are only in the crib for photo purposes. We know they can not stay in the crib for risk of SIDS and suffocation).



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