May 15 – Something Unexpected

I was minding my own business, scrolling through my facebook feed when my email notification comes on. So I check my gmail. My clinic that gave me my original diagnosis is conducting a clinical trial of a new IVF medication and they are offering IVF for 90% off. I got so excited I almost jumped out of my skin.

I called them first thing the next day. I am right on the edge of qualifying. My BMI is a little high. I am going to go in on Tuesday to meet with the doctor.

As far the fostering preparation, we had our BBQ and had a great turn out. We received a few gifts, a couple of gift cards and plenty of warm wishes. It was rubber ducky themed. I included a couple photos of the d├ęcor. This week we attended the last class and finished the last of the interviews. We are just waiting for the state inspection, which I have heard is about a 2 month waiting list right now.

My father showed up to our non-baby shower, shower. He wasn’t there to be supportive. He was there for a funeral service the next day. Instead of being supportive, he put his noise cancelling headphones on and watched his laptop. Then he ate some food and went upstairs to sleep. Which I suppose is better than my hubby’s mother. Who RSVP’d yes, didn’t even show up.

I feel really blessed that we have such great friends, because we are seriously lacking in the family support department. I had to talk my parents into buying my brother the most expensive items he registered for, because he is so poor and cannot afford anything for his baby. Apparently no one in my family gives two shits about supporting us.

But I am thankful we have such good friends!