April 19th – One year

Facebook has that oh-so-nifty memories feature now. For fun I have been looking through finding cute pictures of the doggies. One of the memories was my hubby putting together the basketball hoop we had ordered online. That day was significant to me. I felt like I was sucker punched in the gut. That was the day I got my positive pregnancy test.

It is coming up on the one year from our d&c. It has been a rough year. We are still moving through the foster care licensing process, but it is still hard to give up on that dream of having a child who looks like you, who has your eyes or cute button nose.

It is a different dream to move toward foster to adopt. I am working through my loss and trying to get excited for our new journey. Sometimes I get really excited about it. Sometimes I worry about it. Obviously these poor kiddos are coming from bad circumstances and that will take everyone some getting used to.

In about a week and a half we are throwing a non-baby shower, shower. It is a BBQ. I did buy some cute rubber duckies and a couple other things to decorate with. I didn’t want it to feel too baby showerish.

I made some canvas art for the room and our neighbors gave us a used crib that I am sanding down to refinish. It is a dated oak look, so I got some spray paint in gloss white and then a pearl color to put on top. Hopefully it turns out.

We chose a soft grey color for the bedroom. Have to keep it gender neutral after all.

I’ll keep you all up to date on the progress we make through the process and some pictures of the nursery once we have it all set up.


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