Mar 19 – Changed our Minds

Sorry it has been a while since I last posted. We have recently decided to change our minds, specifically in regards to foster care.  Despite our reservations, I feel my heart has healed enough from our loss last year to try at making our family.  Sure this is a difficult path. But I think we can do this.  It will be different. For some normalcy, we are throwing a non-baby shower, shower. It will be a barbeque.  We did register at BuyBuy Baby and Target. We decided to open our home to one child, less than 1 year old. I know it is difficult to get a baby. But we don’t think we can go from zero kids to multiple/older kids.

We are in the middle of training right now. The barbeque will be at the end of April. We were quite surprised that our friends were all so excited for us. Our family… well that’s another story. They were not quite as supportive.  My mother in law asked us why we were doing it. My father (even though he currently has credit with the airline he needs to use before May 30) said he wouldn’t come out for our barbeque. It was interesting to say the least.

So wish us luck as we fill out endless piles of paperwork, attend hours of training classes, prepare our home and hope for the best!


6 thoughts on “Mar 19 – Changed our Minds

  1. My husband and I started training to become foster parents last year. About a month in I found out I was pregnant (we tried for a LONG time to get pregnant and it was not happening) so we put those plans on pause until our child is a little older but it’s such a wonderful thing and I’m hopeful that will be how we complete our family someday. Best of luck!

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  2. What is it with people! My husband and I have had the same thing with our upcoming adoption – not a word from most of our family members -only one person, his stepmom, has been great. Everyone else? Silent. True family for us has been a few friends who’ve stepped up as real supporters of our building a family. The BBQ sounds wonderful!!! Congratulations on this decision!!!

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