2016 – Doesn’t Start Out so Great

Ah 2016. It’s here. Pushed passed the disappointments and sadness of the prior year. I knew not to say that 2016 would be great, or would be our year. I did that in 2015 andit didn’t work out so well.

We received word from my husband’s mother that his father was not doing well. We had just lost his grandma in September and his father was close with her. My hubby’s parents were infertile and didn’t have him until much later in life. His dad was 50 when he was born. He also had a myriad of health issues including a previous stroke and Parkinson’s.

I tried my best to make Thanksgiving a good time for him. I made all his favorites. Stuffed shells, fresh greens beans and apple pie with caramel sauce. We ended up having to go over to his parent’s house because his dad had stopped being able to walk and his mom had a hard time getting him into the car from a wheelchair.

By Christmas he was heavily medicated. We went over and spent some time with them but his dad was too exhausted after an hour.

January 15th his mom called to let us know that dad stopped eating and drinking. He was put on morphine for pain management and he passed on Monday.

I didn’t actually meet his dad until the day of our wedding. I had only known that after his parents were divorced he didn’t see his dad much. He was a nice older gentleman with a spunky spirit and quick wit. He welcomed me into the family.  I really am sad about his passing.

He was a veteran so he even received military honor guard with taps at this burial. The service was nice. People shared stories about how he had helped them in their lives. I could see so much of my husband in the stories shared. I know where he got his loving soul from.

So 2016 can kiss my booty. That is 2 years in a row where a family member has passed away. I hope that things only get better from here.

On a more positive note, since we can’t afford to do any treatments right now I thought I would use this time to get in better shape.  I put on a bit of weight in the last two years and the ivf treatment put on more. So I have been working on that.  If nothing else, 2016 will be a year when I take better care of myself.

Good luck to everyone out there with their 2016. Hopefully the universe is being more kind to your family than it has been to mine.