Nov 6 – Other Options

Lately my hubby and I have been considering all of our infertility options. We spent some time researching adoption and fostering, while still considering another IVF round or embryo adoption.

We thought we were going to give fostering a try. Then I did some research. I know there are tons of kids in the foster system.  But the ultimate goal of the foster system is “to reunite children with their parents.” Now that is what stopped us. As people looking to ultimately adopt how would we feel having to give the kid(s) back?

We really were considering it despite that. We would have to take 30 hours of classes, get CPR certified, have a home inspection, set up a kid room, and get our license. We looked at the orientation schedule for the information sessions.

We talked and talked about it. I joined a Facebook support group to see what kind of issues people have with fostering. Invasive biological parents, aloof case workers, beg bugs, lice, supervised visits with family, crying as leaving the courtrooms, etc.

The more we talked about it, the more we talked ourselves out of it. I don’t think I could take the heartbreak of having to give back a child that I had been caring for and falling in love with. So our options will be another round of IVF or embryo adoption. Now if only we could win the lottery LOL!!

forked path


4 thoughts on “Nov 6 – Other Options

  1. Just as a heads up, most foster care programs have kids up for adoption as well. We wanted to do it but were told if we’re doing IVF that it’s a “red flag” because DHS wanted us fully focused on the one kid. So instead we’re pursuing international adoption while going through our 2nd round of DEIVF!


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