Aug 1 – A Friend’s Wedding

Saturday was a fun day.  My husband’s best friend’s little sister was getting married. Those two have been friends so long that when I married my hubby, I sort of married into his best friend’s family too. It was nice to see all the siblings and catch up.  On Thursday my hubby had gone to spend time with the friend’s family and the first thing they asked was how long we have been married now, and why we don’t have kids.  My hubby explained out situation and asked that they don’t bring it up on Saturday at the wedding. That really was a saving grace for me.  As a Mormon family they have lots of kiddos.  They were true to it and no one asked me about kids.

I thought it was going ok. Then the father-bride dance came on. We watched as they gracefully floated around the floor.  The dad after the dance had a gift for the daughter. It was a all white statue of a little girl dancing on her daddy’s toes. It was so sweet.

Then the mother-groom dance came on. The song had lyrics similar to the children’s book “Good Night Moon.” I started to tear up. I swallowed them back down.

As the night wore on, little kids started dancing all silly on the dance floor. My husband turned to me and asked when we were going to have our own kiddos to dance goofy with. It was sad. I wish I had an answer. But I don’t. All we can do is keep trying and hoping that some day it will be our turn.



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