June 9 – Advocacy

Advocacy. What does that really mean? Well to me since my new job does not have insurance coverage for infertility treatments it means writing a fact-based, win-win letter to the HR department at my work and a heart-string tugging letter to the managing and general partners of the firm.

I was lucky enough to get a template from someone in my support group who had done just that. She wrote to her medical benefits review board and was able to get insurance coverage. Amazing.

I took the template and added some more facts to it. Slightly selfishly I added the average cost of an IVF cycle and the cost of medications. I added stats about how little infertility treatments cost in the overall health care costs. I added a story about sitting at your cubicle and getting emotional as your team mates discuss someone’s newly announced pregnancy.

The letter to the managing partner is the one that makes me the most nervous. At my job there is a public forum for him to reply to employee concerns and suggestions. That can be seen by the entire firm. Am I ready to go fully public with our infertility struggles? I think in order to help out others at my job who are struggling in silence I am.

I am only in the rough draft stages (don’t want to rush this one) and will update once I send them out. Wish me luck!!



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