May 7- D&C

After all the struggles getting this damn procedure scheduled I was somewhat relieved we were going to get it done. I didn’t want to get an infection and my husband was worried about that too. We had to be at the hospital at 5:30 am, 2 hours before the actual procedure.

We got up at 4am. Fed the puppies, got dressed and left. The traffic was quite light and we were a bit early. We sat in the car listening to the boring radio DJs ramble on. I wanted to just pack up and go home. Instead we went in.

We filled out the endless paperwork. It really only took 15 minutes. I laughed and said to my hubby how I thought it would be like the airport. They tell you to be there 2 hours early so you can sit at the gate for an hour and a half. LOL. They took us up to our floor. The elderly gentleman took my hubby’s phone number and explained how the patient tracking board worked. He liked it to the airport flight tracking. I was starting to feel like a piece of luggage.

They took me back alone to get me prepped. It was strange trying to get undressed basically in the middle of a room with a curtain blocking everyone out. I slipped my clothes into their designated bag provided. I put on the odd paper/plastic gown. What ever happened to cloth? I sat on the edge of the bed and started to cry. I was 7 weeks 2 days along. But there was no baby. I was losing my first and only pregnancy. The nurse came in to learn about why I was there. Apparently my clinic didn’t send over any information. Through the tears I explained how it wasn’t a viable pregnancy and that there was just an empty gestational sac. My body had been trying to miscarry it for 3 weeks. She nodded while taking notes. She handed me a box of tiny tissues.

She escorted me to the restroom and back. Then she told me she was going to get my iv going. I asked her not to put it in my wrist (reliving the horror of my first IVF cycle). She said it was good I told her because that is the go to spot. I suggested my hand remembering to this cycle how easy it was for them. She agreed and got it ready. I told her I had small, disappearing and rolling veins. She tried for a good five minutes to place it in my hand. No luck. As she was moving the needle all around in my hand and I was saying owowow louder and louder, I could feel the blood dripping down my hand and onto the floor. She decided she could not do there. (((You should see the giant bruise there today))). She moves up my arm and goes to the forearm.  Again she is having trouble placing it and moving the damn needle all over. I am getting louder with my ows again because she is having a hard time and it hurts like hell. ( have a nasty bruise there too). After that she decided to bring my hubby in.

The anesthesiologist came in and said how healthy I was and that he wasn’t going to run more tests. The other nurse came in and got a run down of my medical history. My doctor came in to see how I was. She said we were doing the right thing, blah blah. She gives my hubby some prescriptions we need to pick up after. One is an antibiotic and one is a bleeding reducing one.The anesthesiologist hit me with some drugs in my IV and then put the face mask thing on too. I remember being pushed down the hall a bit and then black.

I woke up and could see the time in front of me. 8:46. I thought this was only supposed to take 30 minutes I thought groggily. The guy next to me was choking on his phlegm and fighting the tube in his throat. There were about 6 nurses heading over to help him. The lady on my left was trying to sit up and get out of her bed, A nurse had to push her back down. Around twenty minutes later they bring my hubby back to get me. They bring in my clothes and tell me to get dressed. Darling hubby helps me, since I am still pretty woozy. I went to the restroom and they wheeled me out.

When my hubby goes to get the car some jerk in a cab almost hits him while he is backing out of the space. Then the cab parks almost in front of me on the curb and my hubby has to park all crooked halfway pulled up to the curb. He was pissed.

We go grab some hash browns and coke. Hey don’t judge! Then we went to our pharmacy on the way home to get the meds. Of course they don’t have them and we have to travel to a different pharmacy. Our cobra isn’t covering the meds so thankfully I remembered my HSA debit card. Whew. 185 bucks dodged.

We stop for more food (hey I was still hungry). After we get home we head up to the bed and plop down. Beagles hopped up and we were sunk. 3 hour nap. My arms were numb in the forearm area (both for some reason) and it burned when I peed. I checked with a friend of a friend who has had a d&c and she said they use a catheter(gee thanks for that information). No one informed us of that before.

Now am I glad this nightmare is over? (well at least I HOPE it is over). Yes. But am I forever scarred that 4 days before Mother’s day I lost the only pregnancy I have ever had? Yes. Yes I am. My doctor told my hubby to look for signs of depression LOL. Well no shit I am depressed. My hubby and I have this terrible joke that am I hang from a ceiling fan depressed or eat a bowl of ice cream depressed? I guess we think we can say that since his sister killed herself via a belt and a ceiling fan. Of course I am only eat ice cream depressed. Crying in a heap on the floor depressed. Not being able to sleep depressed. Fully functional but not.



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