May 6 – Insurance Woes

Yesterday while I work I received a call from the doctor’s office. Our insurance was saying we were not covered for the surgery. They said I was showing as terminated. Well yes, I started COBRA and they already cashed my payment. I should be covered. For 600 dollars I should fricking be covered. So I email the HR contact from my old job. She tells me to call HR hotline. They tell me to call COBRA. I call COBRA and they confirm payment has been processed and that it can take 2 weeks to show up as active… Um 2 weeks??? I don’t have that time. I tell them my situation, they put in a rush request. Still takes 2 days. Ok.

I call my doctor’s office and explain what they told me. She calls the hospital where we are doing the procedure to explain it to them. They tell her all I have to do is sign a form saying that I will pay what the insurance won’t cover. Ok, that should be the end of it, right? Nope.

The hospital calls me to tell me the insurance can’t be verified (duh) so they surgery costs 12k, they want half down. HALF DOWN? 6,000.00 BUCKS?!?!??!?!?!?! I don’t have six thousand bucks to remove my non viable 7 week along pregnancy that my body won’t give up. I hang up in tears. I call the doctor and tell them what they said. She was furious and called them bacl. She called me back and says the hospital won’t budge. I have no choice. I cancel.

I start crying at my desk. Being pregnant has been the worst experience of my life. Not because I’m sick or tired or whatever. Because it has been 3 weeks of hell, miscarrying. ectopic scare. more miscarrying. still to see the empty sac in there. Why the hell is this so hard.

I feel sick most of the day, then I decide at about 1 pm to call the insurance people. I get this rep who seems to actually want to help. We conference call COBRA. They confirm the payment has been processed and they are just waiting on records. COBRA gives us the case number for the rush request. The insurance guy thinks that is all he needs to confirm we have insurance and that they will just not process claims until records as received. So then he calls my doctor’s office with me. We get the information at the hospital from them (my clinic was fine with the fact that we were in limbo with COBRA). The hospital gets on and hears what the nice gentleman from the insurance company says. They approve the surgery then. I am so relieved. Half a day of being emotional and a wreck and finally I might be able to get closure.

I thank him, ask him to do a survey on him and give him a perfect score. I call the doctor and they finally get my surgery scheduled. Thank God for Braxton from Aetna!



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