April 15 – Beta Test Results: Positive

Well I nervously arrived at my appointment 30 minutes early. They called me  back and asked how I was? How am I? Well freaking out! Why was I freaking out? Because I have a positive pregnancy test but I’m bleeding! Now I was just spotting/light bleeding. No period type flow but I was nervous as heck. They took what blood they could (issues getting me to bleed once the needle was in) and sent me on my way.

So I arrived at work and stared at my phone nervously. Finally on lunch they called. It was positive. my number was 74. Kind of low but was out of the borderline possible chemical pregnancy (a miscarriage that happens so early the only reason you know you were pregnant is because of the test) range. They did say they wanted me to come back Friday because of my spotting and cramping. Ok. Makes sense.

They emailed me my dates and restrictions. Our due date is Dec 24th! Merry Christmas to us! hehe.

On my way out of training I noticed the clinic had called again. They wanted me to increase my progesterone suppositories from once a day to twice a day. I called to find out why, because again making me nervous. Well they can’t accurately measure how much progesterone is in my blood stream since I am doing the suppositories over the injections. Because of the spotting they want to increase it just to be safe. I asked if the progesterone was causing my cramps and she said no it is the uterus adjusting to the pregnancy. Boy, what a dummy I am!

On a side note: my poor sock buddy did not fall pregnant this round. I feel so bad for her. I know how hard it is. I guess the only silver lining for her is that she has frozen embryos this time so she doesn’t have to do another fresh cycle.

That’s all for me today. I’ll give another update Friday!

Magee-Women's Hospital at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center


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