April 14- Day before First Beta

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes! I appreciate the warm thoughts!!

Yesterday I had quite a scare. I went to the bathroom and saw blood. Again. I freaked out. I emailed my doctor’s IVF coordinator. I messaged the couple of people who know we are pregnant and have been pregnant themselves and turned to my online support group. It was only spotting it turns out but I was so panicked that I was miscarrying. I have been spotting since yesterday. My doctor’s office said that it was probably an irritated cervix issue (from the progesterone suppositories). Several ladies in my support group said it was not uncommon to bleed as implantation continues and the placenta cells attach and grow. I also read online that for some reason women who have done IVF have bleeding more during the first trimester.

I decided to take my last pregnancy test today. I had bought a three pack and I thought ‘I can’t let it go to waste! After all when’s the next time we are going to get pregnant?!’ LOL. I am so nervous for my beta (blood pregnancy test) tomorrow. Still pregnant. I hope and pray that it is not a chemical pregnancy or an ectopic pregnancy. I don’t think the fear of what-ifs will get better as we go along in this process.

Other side effects I’ve noticed:

-Back pain in the lower back. Just a serious ache. The only remedy is laying slightly turned on my side to relieve the pressure on my back.

-Hunger. Insane amounts of it. I used to not eat breakfast and minimal snacks. I have to eat breakfast, a 10 am snack, lunch, a 2 pm snack, a 4-5 pm snack, dinner and a late night snack. It’s been crazy.

-I have been having headaches on and off (although to be honest that could just be from all the new training at my new job-hehe).

-Exhaustion. I almost fell asleep in training today during a monotone online training module. Sure it could have been the mundane voice in a sunny room after lunch but I’m blaming the baby/babies! 😉

I don’t know how I am supposed to squeeze in all these doctor appointments with my new job. If my beta is positive tomorrow (which I am quite hopeful considering all the positives) then I need to go back 2 times within a week. Plus the following week would be the ultrasound for the 6 week appointment. After that I need to actually find an ob-gyn or midwife (yes I know I should have done this part already). AHHHH!

I’m including some photos of my pregnancy test results over the last couple of days. You can see it really gets darker as the days go on. So despite the spotting I am optimistic (and terrified). Wish me luck tomorrow!



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