April 11-8 days past 3 day transfer (8dp3dt)- A little surprise!!!!!!

Last night I panicked. I went to the bathroom and saw blood. I started thinking it over for me. I was out. I took a deep breath and said this doesn’t make sense. Screw it and went to bed. I told my hubby this morning about the spotting. I told him I was nervous.

We went out and did our grocery shopping and bugger I forgot to grab pregnancy tests. So I dragged my hubby to the nearest CVS and grabbed a 3 pack. You know because it is so early I figured I would get a couple negatives before my beta (blood pregnancy test).

I started to help my hubby put together the basketball hoop he got. He was very excited about it. I told him I needed water. I came in the house and needed to use the restroom. Ah what the heck, I’ll pee on a stick (POAS for short).

Immediately the color ran across and I thought I saw a second line. It disappeared. Then I busted out my phone to set the 3 minute timer. I looked down. The second line… it was BACK. Holy smokes. NO way.

I tell my hubby I need a second opinion. He comes inside and looks down. Yup, there’s a second line. We hug. I almost start to cry. I have never in my life seen a positive. EVER. I am so happy. Words can’t even describe it.



4 thoughts on “April 11-8 days past 3 day transfer (8dp3dt)- A little surprise!!!!!!

  1. OH MY GOSH, I am SO happy for you!!!! I’ve been following your journey and was so hopeful that this was your time. This is the best news, I’m so happy for you 🙂 wishing you a happy, healthy pregnancy 🙂 xxxxx

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