Apriil 3- Transfer!!!! (Round 2)

Transfer date. The most important and slightly stressful day of the whole process. Sure egg retrieval is right up there but transfer day is when your embryos come home. I was a nervous wreck. I barely slept the night before. My eyes pinged open 30 minutes before my alarm. We arrived at the doctor’s office early. 15 minutes before the 15 minute early time. I took my valium. Man, when you don’t eat breakfast that hits you hard. Well apparently I took it too early because all the wooziness wore off by the time we got to see our embryos. We had 4. One of them was an 8 cell A, a 10 cell B+, and a 6 cell B. The late fertilizer was a C.

The doctor recommended doing 3. Um pause. What? Did he just say 3? At my age? The standard is 2 or less under 35. He explained that since it was my second cycle, the lack of embryos it was recommended to do all 3. I got it. Our baby wasn’t going to make it to freeze. They talked about the risks of multiples. We signed everything and got taken back. I undressed and hopped up on the table.

My bladder was nice and full so there was minimal waiting. They popped the beautiful little babies in there. The rest of the day seems so uneventful. Bed rest. Fun fun. Although it was kind of nice having my hubby waiting on me all day. Hehe.

I am officially PUPO-pregnant until proven otherwise. Hopefully my new job will be enough to distract me during the dreaded 2 week wait. (HA HA wishful thinking).



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