Mar 31- Retrieval (Round 2)

Today was the day all the shots were for! I was nervous. More nervous than last time. I was still traumatized from the IV placement last time. The idea of being unconscious with my lady parts on display and my feet strapped into stirrups freaked me out. Our retrieval was at 11 am this time. So when I walked into the office in yoga pants, my pj top and no contacts I felt self-conscious. The waiting room was full of people. Last time it was before 7 so we were the only folks there.

They took me to a room, had me sign the consents and strip down. The sleep making doctor came in to talk to me. I explained what happened with the IV last time and he said that he would place this one somewhere different. He was so nice! The first time, the other sleep making doctor was kind of mean. Then the doctor came in to talk about the retrieval. He made some jokes to make me feel less nervous. We talked about going to breakfast after the procedure since I hadn’t eaten since dinner the night before.

They took me to the retrieval room and my hubby went to (as he describes it) the shady looking room to do his business. I am nervous as they have me sit down one the table with my whole backside exposed to the room. The nurse is putting electrodes on me while the sleep doctor is finding a vein. He places it with one try. It hurt a tiny bit. They had me slide down and put my feet in the stirrups. They put the oxygen mask on and I giggled nervously. One more shot in the IV and I was out.

I woke up in the same room. Since we were the last retrieval we didn’t to be moved. We went over care protocol and medications. They told me I had to be on the prolactin reducing medication which was not told to me yesterday when they called. They told us the great news. We got 17 eggs! We didn’t even have 17 follicles at the last appointment. I guess we will have 12-13 mature most likely. I feel so happy. Since I have low AMH that is a crazy high number. Tomorrow I will find out how many fertilized. Wish us luck!!!



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