Mar 28- Last Ultrasound before Retrieval (Round 2)

Yesterday was our last doctor appointment before the retrieval. My hubby didn’t have to work since he took this whole week off to be with me. We went up together. First was the dreaded blood draw. They seem to be able to find veins on the top of my right arm close to the elbow. Not my favorite place to have blood drawn.

I have been waddling a little bit (not as much as last time). My ovaries don’t feel like sloshy water balloons but instead are kind of tender. I am very bloated this time too. I am already a bit overweight but I have new stretch marks on my tummy this time. I pretty much don’t wear pants when I am home. I wore yoga pants when we went out yesterday. The first time I ever let people see me wearing yoga pants. I try to at least just have jeans on or something.

The ultrasound was next. It was the nurse practitioner again. She said my lining looked good. It was about 11.75 thick. My right ovary had 10 follicles! 10! 7 were big enough to be counted as possible eggs. My left ovary had 6. 3 were big enough to be counted. So she said there is a good chance we will get 10 eggs this time. 2 more than the last round. Amazing. I don’t know if adding DHEA 3X a day helped or if righty showing up to help out made the difference. I still have one renegade follicle which is now 21 mm. Wowza!

Today they wanted me to do the last of my meds. I had to start the steroid too (ew!). Trigger tonight at midnight. Midnight? Yeah, don’t know how I am going to stay awake for that one. LOL. Will probably have to set an alarm! Tuesday will be my retrieval. Wish me luck!



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