Mar 27- Nominated to Share 7 facts about Myself

Good morning dear readers!

I was nominated by Dreaming of Diapers to share 7 interesting facts about myself:

1- I decorate cakes, even did it professionally for a while. I took some Wilton classes at Michael’s, bought myself a bunch of tools and got a job at a bakery. I eventually quit because doing it as a job took all the fun out. I still do custom cakes for friends and family.

2- I bought myself a Fender electric guitar, downloaded tabs and taught myself a couple of songs. When times got tight I sold the guitar. But for a while I really rocked some Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Green Day.

3- I have 2 furbabies that I adore. One was rescued and one we bought from a breeder online. They are beagles and we just love their howl!


4- I am pretty nerdy. I built my husband a gaming computer and I play on the PS4. We play online together.

5- I love NFL football and MLB baseball. I grew up in New England so my teams are the Patriots and Red Sox!

6- I am a Rom Com (romantic comedy) junkie! I love them. Favorites: When Harry Met Sally, Fever Pitch, Music and Lyrics, You’ve Got Mail and so many more.

7- I am a big Disney nut. My favorite though is Beauty and the Beast.

Hope you had fun with that! My nominations are Maybe, Sometime, Baby and Unproductive at Reproducing! Thanks all!!


One thought on “Mar 27- Nominated to Share 7 facts about Myself

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