Mar 26-First Ultrasound on Stims (Round 2)

This morning was a bit hectic. My hubby was able to sleep in, which meant we got up 30 minutes before I was supposed to leave for my appointment. With how tired I had been lately (thanks medication) I was not going to make the effort to get up a wee bit earlier to make it easier on myself lol.

I rushed through the dogs’ breakfast and packing my darling’s lunch. Got my shots all prepped and jammed those bad boys in before rushing out the door. I hate when my appointment is so early that it makes me have to do my shots early.

Any who, I made it to my appointment in the nick of time and they were behind today (lol figures). They did my ultrasound first. My right ovary (Righty) was actually participating this round! She has five follicles that are a good size (with one of those being a lot larger than the others) and 3 under sized. My left ovary had 5 good size follicles as well. So a total of 10 good ones so far. Not too shabby. My lining was also good at 9mm. I got dressed and headed over to the dreaded blood drawing chair.

They were able to find a vein on the first shot this time. Which was nice. I do not like getting stuck with needles if they aren’t sure there is a vein there! My next appointment is Saturday!

They think the trigger will end up being the same (Sunday trigger for Tuesday retrieval) but I will find out for sure on Saturday.

It occurred to me that I was on day 7 of injections. I only have 3 days left! It kind of flew by this time. I sorted of hated the shots this round. I am bruising a lot more and my ovaries are tender instead of feeling sloshy (the water balloon feeling I had last time). I guess that’s what happens when they are both filling up with eggies!

It’s starting to get exciting!!excited


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