Mar 18- Baseline Appointment for Round 2

Today is the day. Starting again. I knew this day was coming but it seems to have snuck up on me. I got ready for my doctor’s appointment and drove up.

I didn’t drink a ton of water because last time my bladder got in the way of the wand ultrasound. I was 15 minutes early and all by myself in the lobby. Finally they came to get me for the blood work. They tied up my arm with the rubber strap and I knew it was going to be a rough one. They couldn’t find a vein. Blaming me not drinking enough water. I was drinking so much water and Gatorade before it was ridiculous. I even went without caffeine so my veins wouldn’t constrict. The other nurse popped by and said they were ready for the ultrasound so they gave up on finding a vein until after.

The wand ultrasound went well. My lining was good and I had about 5 or 6 follicles in my left ovary. Righty was slacking again. So about the same as the last round. I got dressed and went back to get blood drawn. 3 stick attempts and 2 nurses later, they finally got some blood.

I called to order my prescriptions so that Friday I can start my shots. They quoted $1100. Cool. However I learned later that it was NOT cool. The pharmacy called back at 2 and said it would be almost 5 grand! Um what? Apparently we maxed out our ivf meds last cycle. How would I have known that since you never gave me a bill/list of what was billed??? I asked her to cancel it and freaked out. We don’t have five thousand dollars laying around. I called my clinic. They told me to call back and see what we could get under the insurance. So they will cover all but 2 follistim cartridges and 10 vials of menopur (the 2 most expensive medications). So I have enough to get started on Friday. I am still panicking. My budget is now completely blown. Some of our bills will have to be paid late. This is so frustrating. I call my clinic back and tell them the situation.

The IVF coordinator says we can try a couple places, find the best deal, etc. Then she says she will be out of town and someone else will be helping tomorrow. Um seriously? You were just out of town during our last cycle. What the hell? I don’t think this process could be any more stressful. So much for catching back up on savings.

On a personal note, I finally found a new job. They want me to start April 6th which is exactly when I wanted to start (right after bed rest for the transfer). The timing worked out perfectly. Now if everything else would! =)

Here’s to round 2! Hopefully it will be a knock-out and pregnancy will win!

Round 2


2 thoughts on “Mar 18- Baseline Appointment for Round 2

  1. I am praying for you!!!! and so excited for you!!

    I am sorry to hear about the meds. I know that is so hard!! Any chance you are on or will be going on the vivelle dot patches? If so, let me know. I have an extra box:)

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