March 11- Endometrial Biopsy (endo scratch)

Today was my endometrial biopsy. I did not want to go. I wanted to stay home and sleep. I know it will increase the odds of implantation by 20 percent but I was nervous. No one I knew has gone through this before. My husband couldn’t make the appointment so I was flying solo. I grabbed my heating pad, took some advil, grabbed water to take my morning vitamins and birth control and left.

When I arrived they had me do a urine sample. I know it is because they need to make sure we are not pregnant when they go in and cause damage to the lining. Seems cruel to me. Clearly I wouldn’t be doing this if I was! After doing my sample I returned to the waiting room. My mind started to wander, gee what if I magically was pregnant and did not have to go through this? LOL. I promptly dismissed the ridiculous thought.

They took me back to the exam room and I stripped down. The nurse practitioner comes in with a guest. Turns out she lectures at Arizona State and the medical student was there to observe. I gave permission for her to stay. What’s one more person looking up my who-ha lol.

First step was the wand ultrasound. They measured my lining. 6-7 mm. Next the metal duck bill. She (thankfully) decided to use a little numbing cream on my cervix. I’m very sensitive and even normally bleed after a pap smear.

After that kicks in, she inserts dye into my uterus. Then the painful part. She inserts a catheter and starts scratching up the lining. It hurt like hell. Like the worst cramps ever. I kept muttering ow ow ow and deep breathing. She keeps talking to me, reminding me to breathe and making jokes about not kicking her. Then she wants to do a second pass!

I told her she wasn’t my favorite person today. She laughed and said that other patients she had done this to were pregnant and then she was their favorite person. I said well then you will be! The nurse laughed. They finished up and I got to lay there for a few minutes.

So glad I brought my heating pad to work. It feels like terrible period cramps. Only one more week until the baseline ultrasound and blood work for round two. This time we will get our miracle!!!



5 thoughts on “March 11- Endometrial Biopsy (endo scratch)

  1. I love the picture you’ve added to this post – so funny! Sorry to share one of those ‘success stories’ that always annoy you when you’re trying, but one of my best friends had one failed IVF cycle, then the next one she had the scratch and that one worked and she now has a healthy baby boy! Im so hopeful that this one works for you – keep us posted and hope the pain eases off for you xx

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  2. I had it done a fortnight ago….it was horrendous!! Actually couldn’t keep a polite conversation going during it. Ugh! I didn’t realise it could help implantation, mine was just for biopsy as part of recurrent miscarriage tests. How long after having it done does it help implantation? Hope it works for you!

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    • So the study suggests that if you have it done during the cycle before you plan to do IVF it can help boost odds of implantation during the IVF. This was from some medical journal articles they provided me with. I’m sorry your experience was horrendous! I hope it works too!


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