Feb 4- The incredibly long 2 week wait

Just a quick update. I have decided not to do home pregnancy tests, well at least until the day before my beta blood test. I know I don’t want to get bad news during my work day. Five days past my three day transfer. Every twinge, every pain, every cramp I wonder did it work? Could I be pregnant?

Two weeks feels like torture. I don’t think time could move any slower….

Personally I had my second interview on Tuesday. No idea if I got it. They were like smiling robot interviewers. No emotions. The services for my aunt were on Monday. So much for relaxing during this time. My dad has been here since last week and has no intention of leaving anytime soon. My husband is all out of sorts. One of our toilets broke, my dad has taken over our living room. I can’t relax when he is all stressed out. But I felt guilty leaving my dad alone since his sister just passed away. /Sigh. Time needs to fast forward.



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