Jan 31- One Day Past Three Day Transfer (1dp3dt)

Yesterday was the most exciting part of this whole journey. Transfer day. Now it was raining and I take that as a good sign. It rained on our wedding day.

With my father arriving the night before, we had to drop him off at my aunt’s apartment so he could help my other aunt clean it out before the first. I hadn’t slept very well. I kept having to pee and I broke the toilet. Ok so I didn’t really break it, the push button thing broke when I was flushing it. Yeah… at 2 am. My hubby wasn’t very happy. It kept running so he had to turn the water supply to it off. We had set the alarm for 7 am. When it went off I thought I had accidently kept it set for 5:45 which is our usual weekday alarm time. It was so dark.

It was in fact 7 am, just raining. Normally I like a winter rain here in the valley but I wasn’t looking forward to driving across the valley twice, especially with the superbowl traffic. So we got up and got ready. My dad was running behind as usual and by 8:30I was telling him that we REALLY needed him to finish up. So in the rain we drove 45 minutes to drop my dad off.

We thought the polite thing to do was go in and say hi to my aunt and great aunt. My aunt wasn’t terribly friendly. My great aunt hadn’t seen me since I was about 5. Now all this medication has made me really bloated. In the stomach area. So my great aunt pats my tummy and asks if that is why we had a doctor’s appointment and couldn’t stay. I laughed and said I am just fat but that we were working on that. She was so embarrassed but I told her not to be. We left shortly after. We drove all the way back across town and then north to the doctor’s office. We got there an hour early. I chugged my 2 bottles of water and we ate some egg mcmuffins. After 45 minutes we went in. I took the valium they gave me. Twenty minutes later they took us back.

Now they directed us to the doctor’s actual office. The first thing I thought was oh crap, the embryos died. We sat down. He told us we were transferring two beautiful embryos. One was an A with 8 cells and the other was B+ with 7 cells. We signed the consent and were taken to the transfer room. I got undressed and hopped up on the table. The nurse came in to check my bladder. It wasn’t full enough. They waited 15 minutes. Bingo, it was ready.

Now let me just say someone pressing on your full bladder with an ultrasound wand and with the vagina opening tool in, highly uncomfortable. In went the babies. They gave me a picture of the embryos going into my uterus. Now the hard part, laying there for 20 minutes. My sweet husband pulled up funny videos on youtube to distract me. 25 minutes later they finally let me pee. THANK GOODNESS. So they wheeled me out to the car and we went straight home. bed rest. It’s exhausting lol.

So we’re pregnant until proven otherwise!


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