Jan 26- The Harvest Day is Almost Upon Us

Hehe ok ok so tomorrow isn’t all THAT dramatic. But it is the day we go in for our egg retrieval. The steroid pills they have me on have an awful after taste. The only way to mostly get around it is to put it very far back on the tongue and chug milk as quickly as possible. Ewwww. It tastes like metal chalk. The aftertaste lingers. Not my favorite part.

So to prepare for tomorrow I need to remove the nice dark polish I just put on last weekend, shower and do a medical douche (the one with iodine versus vinegar). I personally have never done that, never really wanted to. Not looking forward to that. I will lay out my retrieval socks and my new fuzzy pink slippers that my hubby helped me find this past weekend. No food or drink later this evening. Tomorrow I can’t even put my contacts in! Ugh. So I guess the hubby is driving.

Did I mention we have to be there at 6:45 AM? Yeah so we will be getting up pretty early.

This morning had some unexpectedly sad news. My aunt is in the hospital with fluid in her lungs. She was refusing treatment. My father who lives back east couldn’t get a flight out of New England because of the huge Nor’easter coming in. Now for you non-New Englanders a “nor’easter” is just a big fast storm that drops a ton of snow. Yep, so all that snow. In addition there is the added complication is that the superbowl is here in Phoenix this week. So EVERY flight is booked to Phoenix this week. /sigh.

I am trying to stay positive but clearly I am sad about my aunt. I had to take the approach that I will do what I can, but no more. We need to stay focused on what we have been working towards for over a month. I am excited to see how many eggs we actually retrieve tomorrow.



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