Jan 25- Last Day of Shots!! I Survived!

Ah day 10 of shots. I made it. The finish line. The last thing I need to do is my trigger shot of HCG at 8 pm tonight. Although now that the shots are done, there are just so many pills!

Yesterday was my second ultrasound which determined when the trigger would be. The nurse that was there was the one who couldn’t find a vein last time. I wasn’t as charming as I should have been, I said oh you’re the one who couldn’t find a vein last time. It just kind of slipped out. She smirked at me as she tightened that damn rubber strip. She couldn’t find a vein. Yup, she had to get someone else to do it. I was just glad there was someone else available since the Saturday crew seemed light. Damn that one hurt more than the hand and the top of the elbow. Speaking of that, I have a lovely bruise from the top of the elbow…


So off to the ultrasound. A few more follicles popped up. I now had 5 in my rightie and still 7 in leftie. 4 of them are still small (less than 10 MM), which means they might not be mature. So we have about 8 good size follicles. Well that’s better than nothing I supposed. They gave me the news that I will be triggering today at 8pm for a Tuesday retrieval at 7 am. I am trying to move my interview that I was supposed to have Tuesday afternoon to another day. yeah, let’s be all drugged up for an outpatient procedure and try to be competent in an interview later that day. I don’t think so. I had a moment of panic when I realized they put the wrong date for the retrieval on my paperwork and I was worried I was starting the anti-inflammation medication too soon. Have I mentioned that since I am not on the shots anymore that it has now become a myriad of pills?! Its crazy. I feel like I need a pillbox sorter for all of it.


In the end I know it will all be worth it. I have sort of taken the attitude that it is going to happen. My hubby and I have been picking up some items for potential babies. I may have developed a little shopping habit. Did I mention my furbaby LOVES socks?


I am so glad the shots are done. My ovaries feel like huge balloons I have been waddling and barely been moving. Poor hubby had to walk so slow as we browsed through the mall. Thank god this part is almost over.



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