Jan 23- First ultrasound on Shots

Yesterday was my first ultrasound and blood work on the stimulation medications (AKA stims). Again they couldn’t find a vein. They can’t keep saying I’m dehydrated. I have been drinking ridiculous amounts of water and Gatorade for weeks and stopped drinking pop altogether. They put the rubber tie around my elbow on my left arm. Nothing. Right arm. Nothing. The nurse says that she is going to get a colleague. ooh yay? The new nurse comes over and ties the rubber so hard it is hurting. I tell her it really hurts. She looks at me like are you serious? and loosens it. Still nothing. She starts looking at the top of my arm. Finds a vein there. Asked me if anyone has even drawn blood from there? I say I don’t know because well I don’t remember. So that’s the lucky spot. It hurts (but not as much as the hand did at the baseline appointment). Yeah not my favorite. Then they take me back to my room.

After losing all shame in being half naked, I strip down from the waist down and hop up on the table (after making sure I didn’t have a full bladder given what happened at the last appointment). In comes a new lady. She is the nurse practitioner. I make a joke about now that we’ve just met let’s get really personal. crickets… apparently I am the only one who finds myself funny. My hubby gave me a courtesy laugh when I retold it to him. Aw he is so sweet.

Any who, she gets right in there and my lining looks good. 8.5 MM. Good start. Right ovary. Now this ovary only had about 5 follicles at the baseline and it was hard to see so that number might be off. I have one big follicle and one normal size one. At this point I’m freaking out in my head. My support group is full of ladies with PCOS which means they are great at growing follicles, not great at ovulating or menstruating. The nurse is KILLING me with the hard pressure and weird angles she is using on the ultrasound wand up my woo-haa. I am trying to sit still and just whisper ow ow ow to myself. She moves over the left ovary. Now this one is doing better. There are about 5 good size follicles (around 12 mm) and 2 baby ones (6 mm). Overall 7 good follicles and 2 that may or may not catch up. She shows me the photos of each follicle as she takes and measures it. I think she was taking pity of me and giving me a break between hard, weird angle jabs with the wand.

So we have a conversation about it. Now to set the mood I took my hormone shots RIGHT before the appointment. I could feel the menopur burning as it was moving through my tummy on the 45 minute drive. So needless to say I was emotional. Add that to my support group where women are popping out 20 plus eggs and I hear 7. I am on the verge of tears. My nurse tells me I am right where I should be and that she is happy with my numbers given my AMH levels. Ok so she actually said gals with low ovarian reserve. I am sitting there trying to absorb this info because when I asked the doctor is low AMH meant low egg reserves she said not necessarily. So to hear the nurse say it matter of fact was hard. She says quality over quantity. So then my mind immediately went to what if they AREN’T quality? She has no way of knowing their quality until the retrieval.

She says she wants to see me back on Saturday morning. We will either do Saturday night trigger with HCG for a Monday retrieval or Sunday trigger with Tuesday retrieval. Saturday’s appointment will determine.  On the drive to work after the appointment I tried to focus on my driving. I didn’t want to stress. I got to work and my senior asked how the appointment went. I looked upset and told her everything. She said 7 that’s great! Said good little egg grower! and gave me a hug. I am so thankful to have her. She told me to stop comparing myself to the other women. She’s right. I can’t do that. I have a completely different issue. So how am I feeling about it today? Thankful that I have 7 good size eggs. That could be seven potential babies. I’m glad we didn’t put off this process any longer. I might not have had any eggs if we waited. I’m thankful that my hubby makes jokes to cheer me up. I’m thankful that my senior is so understanding. She actually thanked me for sharing the process with her. She said she learned a lot from me. Day 8 of shots today. So close to being done with them. So close to the retrieval!

I hope it happens on Monday because I have a job interview Tuesday afternoon. I guess we shall see Saturday! Alright I am off to mix my drugs! Happy Friday!

EGGS (5)


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