Jan 20- Day 5 of Hell, I mean Shots

Day five. Halfway through this hellish phase. Today I added the ganirelix shot. Prefilled syringe. My doctor freaked me out by telling me the needle is stubborn to go in. The instruction pamphlet said to put the needle in, pull back the plunger to check for blood and if there is blood move the needle without pulling the needle out. Um what? No, no. I ignored the pamphlet. I threw caution to the wind. Instead I doubly iced my tummy. I was very nervous. I noticed there was an air bubble in my needle. So I turned it needle up and pushed the plunger a little to try and get the bubble out. Instead I shot a couple drops of medication on my hand as it went flying out of the needle. All I could think was that was like 300 bucks! I gave up on getting the bubble out.

I grabbed my stuffed animal, I mean the BABY’s stuffed animal, did the menopur. Done. Follistim, Done. Ganirelix. Jabbed it in, ouch! Pushed the medicine in. OUCH. Heard the air bubble pooft on it’s way out. Bled from both my menopur and ganirelix shot spots.

My tummy is tender. Like it’s bruised without the actual bruises. There are tiny ones at each injection point. At this point I can’t sit straight up. My ovaries feel like sloshing water balloons. Sitting on my bladder and uterus. They feel like if I lean too far forward they will fall out. I was walking SO slow. I felt like I am a hundred years old.

I can not wait until my appointment on Thursday. I just pray I get pregnant this round. I don’t know if I can do this part again. I mean I am proud of how far I am in the process, but it is not a fun experience.

On a non-baby making point, I have a third interview with a company in the next week. It’s very encouraging. Of course then there is the dilemma of do I stay until my job ends or take the new job immediately? Lose out the severance bonus but have a job. I don’t want to risk losing a potentially good job to wait on a bonus. Ah but there I go putting the cart before the horse. One thing as a time. Now what am I going to wear that doesn’t make my ovaries hurt? Hm……..hypodermic-needle-manufacturer


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