Jan 18- Day 3 of Shots

I apologize for the frequency of my posts during this phase. Needles freak me out and being able to write about it helps. Day three wasn’t so bad. My darling hubby was home so he was more than willing to help (a good thing? or he has always had a desire to poke me with sharp objects? ha ha ha). So I got the meds ready and iced my tummy. He did the shots. It is always nice when he does it because I can’t see the needle (I mean I can feel it that’s for sure), but it takes a lot of the stress out of it. For the women that do them all yourself, you are quite brave!

As far as symptoms, my back really felt sore day 1. Day 2 it was much less and day 3 it was gone. I seem to develop a slight/very soft headache in the afternoons (I do the shots in the morning). The worst symptom by far was brought to my attention when my hubby grabbed me by my hips to pull me in. He does it all the time and I find it to be quite sexy. Except for today. Yeah he must have poked one of my ovaries in the process and oh boy did it hurt. It really REALLY hurt. I limped around for about 5 minutes after. I had to ask him not to grab my ovaries LOL. Something I never ever thought I would say! Poor hubby. He was just trying to kiss on me and bam! ovary pain. The doggies also think it is fun when climbing into my lap (something they do all the time) to elbow my ovaries. Who knew I would suddenly become so aware of where my ovaries are located haha!

On a personal note my mother called me yesterday. Since I haven’t really spoken to her since Christmas I answered (out of guilt). I hate speaking to her but it was worse this time. She was talking about her grandbaby and she got to go to an ultrasound. She was talking to me about how the fiancée was SMOKING. Like chain smoking. WHILE PREGNANT. I was pretty furious. My mother kept going on about their money issues. Neither of them works, has a car or a real place to live. My brother and his baby mama have been bouncing between houses. They stay until they have irritated that parent enough and then switch houses. That’s fine for now, but what about when the baby comes? You can’t be moving every 3 weeks with a baby. The last straw was my mom talking about how all 3 sets of parents were going to pool their money and buy them a crib and stroller and car seat. Well I explained that we weren’t going to have a ton of spare money to buy him gifts. I already bought an adorable Bruins onesie in pink of course. But we aren’t going overboard. I think we planned to spend about 30 dollars. I mean, it’s not like when we announce our pregnancy that they are going to buy us ANYTHING. Or drop everything to fly out here and meet his niece/nephew, as he is demanding I do with his child.

I wish family understood how hard this is. I tried to explain how much we had just spent to even TRY and get pregnant. I had to try and explain that I am getting laid off in March so I don’t know if I will be at a new job or still unemployed and flying out there might be too expensive for us. They don’t understand that I myself might be pregnant and flying across the country might be really uncomfortable for me. /sigh. I give up trying to explain myself to them. I am just so thankful for friends and my support group and this blog. I think I would go crazy otherwise.


2 thoughts on “Jan 18- Day 3 of Shots

  1. People in general can be so insensitive to what we are going through. All these little things like going through the grocery store and hearing a grown man call their child stupid… it breaks my heart. I get the headaches too. Mine are later in the day. They are light sensitive and can be a real pain in the butt. You are doing great! I hate needles too and after day 1, you know what to expect. The trigger was one that really freaked me out, ice your butt for a few minutes, I did not feel a thing!


  2. Thanks for the tip on the trigger! I am hoping they let me use a smaller needle and let me do it in the tummy. I have done it that way for my IUI. I agree that seeing people really underappreciate their children is heartbreaking. Hope your headaches get better!


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