Jan16- Bring on the shots!

So my lovely pharmacy forget the follistim injection pen for my shots today. I finally got through to my doctor’s office and they want me to do my shots today in the evening and tomorrow morning. Oh yay?

I got home from work, where I had been stressing about this all day. I tried to mix up the menopur and it was very difficult to do. I’m not impressed. I iced my tummy. Got into position and bam! My hubby went full bore and gave me the first shot. Yup, menopur definitely burns. We grabbed the follistim and bam! Another shot down. The follistim burned too, well on the way in. It stopped as soon as we were done. I grabbed some band-aids (some slight bleeding). I survived.

Honestly it wasn’t bad and it was terrible all in one. Thank god for my hubby doing the deed though. I would have cried. I didn’t even see it go in (although I felt it). Nine more days of this (give or take)?!?!?!?! I don’t know how I’m going to make it.

On a positive note, my senior at work knows about what is going on and posted some adorable twin baby photos on my Facebook page as inspiration. It really touches me that someone who didn’t experience infertility is so understanding. Really makes up for all the ignorance in others. I can do this? One more time, more convincing. I can do this!

My first bruise (I bruise easily so I know there will be more to come)!

10373847_10205631882065622_2827823410174001532_n Where I had my blood drawn on Wednesday!


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