Jan 17- Day 2 of Shots! Flying Solo.

So I made it through last night’s shots with my darling hubby being the stabber. Today he had to work in the morning. I was on my own. I gathered a couple of items from my future baby stock pile. I put them on the table as I mixed my meds. My hand was shaking.

I started to ice my tummy while the meds got warmed up to room temperature. I was getting so nervous. I grabbed my eeyore stuffed animal, er I mean the BABY’s stuffed animal. <cough>. Finally, I got the nerve. I got the band aids ready (I bleed a little last night) and grabbed the menopur. Done! Follistim, pushed it in. This one burns a little (I think I need to let it warm up more). Done! Hey, I did it and lived to tell about it!



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