Jan 15 – First Steps

Yesterday I had my baseline labs and ultrasound. I was so nervous I was 30 minutes early. They took me back for my blood drawn right away. Well that’s my least favorite part of any doctor’s appointment. I have hard to find veins and they can never find them on the first try. They always tell me I must be dehydrated, so I should drink tons of water. I have given up caffeine dark sodas (although I have been slugging down ginger ale the last two weeks but I have been drinking a ton of water too). In anticipation of that claim I drank 2 bottles of water before my appointment. It really only succeed in making me have to pee a lot. I sat in the chair and rolled up my sleeve. She put the rubber band around my arm and started slapping my elbow like she was going to shoot me up! I made an awkward joke about how I would make a terrible drug addict. Yeah, she didn’t think it was either… So she told me to roll up the other arm. After not being able to find vein in that arm. Then the dreaded came out of her mouth “We are going to have to use a vein in your hand.”  She poked my vein and then said how slow my blood was flowing. She didn’t think she could get 2 vials of blood!

After that I went into the room for the ultrasound.  The nurse asked me if I needed to use the restroom. I said no, because well I just went when I got there. So they lubed up the ultrasound tool and in it went. The doctor said she couldn’t see around my bladder because it was too full. So there I went towel around my waist, creeping through the hallway to one room over. Oh humility. I guess being embarrassed should not exist?

So back on the table, more lube and in the ultrasound tool goes again. The doctor tried to see how many follicles were in each ovary. Leftie has about nine and rightie was playing hard to get. The doctor has the tool jammed at a weird angle and pushing down on the ovary from above. It was quite painful. She said she could only see about 5 or 6 but didn’t want to keep torturing.

After that, I went to pay. That was quite painful, in a different way. Har har har.

I finally straightened out the medication situation with the insurance company. But I was feeling awfully panicked. They arrived today. Of course, nothing can go perfectly smooth. They seemed to have forgotten my follistim injection pen. So they are overnighting it. I am supposed to be starting the meds in the morning. I am confused about what to do. I emailed the IVF coordinator because the office was closed when I called.

You know that quote “The journey of a thousand miles begins a single step.” That’s where we are. The first step. Deep breaths.

Here’s a photo of my ridiculous drug stash!



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