Jan 6-Upcoming Deadlines

So here it is, the night before my medication appointment. Next Wednesday is the baseline ultrasound and blood work. One week until we need to be able to pay for all this! YIKES! Thankfully our insurance started covering IVF with a lifetime max of 10k. Still waiting to hear if any of the prescriptions are covered by our new prescription insurance. The coverage said a 10k max for infertility drugs was separate from the actual procedure. I am hopeful that it will cover some.of them.

My schedule is fast approaching. I stop birth control Monday. Next Wednesday I have my baseline appointment and then Friday I start my stimulation medicine. I am so excited and nervous. I am hopeful but nervous. I am energized and NERVOUS. Did I mention I was nervous?! LOL!

Here’s to baby making, the shots are on me! 😉


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