Dec 25- Christmas

Aw Christmas the most joyous day of the year, right? Not quite. For us it is a reminder of what we don’t yet have. Here’s how my lovely holiday went….

I was up at 8 am, preparing the food to be ready for noon. My oh so charming mother-in-law decided to not only be late BUT that she still needed to cook the sides that she offered to bring (We got a honeybaked ham and did desserts. I made a couple sides too, well because she is a terrible cook and I do not like her food). Her sides consisted of frozen dinner trays that she bought at Fry’s (the grocery store). I set everything up to be a buffet because it is just easier that way. Finally at 1pm, I put out all the food, got the elder folks their drinks and then sat down to eat. It was yummy. I was getting sort of irritated because my mom-in-law kept making snide comments about us being “rich” (ex. oh the keurig, that’s a coffee maker for rich people). We are far from rich and with my impeding layoff and the IVF cycle we are trying to pay for next month we had told everyone we weren’t doing gifts this year. It was hurtful. She was acting like a jealous brat.

After dinner the family was sitting around and chatting. The company included my mother-in-law, father-in-law, grandma-in-law, brother-in-law, aunt and uncle-in-law and my hubby and I. The family started really getting into my brother in law for being single. They insisted on signing him up for online dating, on the big screen, so the whole family could watch. I stepped in to stop the torture. Sure the poor guy isn’t even dating right now, but that is his choice. After that the conversation turned, into ribbing on us for not having grandkids. Now my mom-in-law knows our issues and how expensive the IVF is going to be. The conversation started with the “well if you could just knock up your wife” comment by my brother in law. My mom in law chimes in the whole “grandkids” chant. I am sitting there just feeling so uncomfortable and hurt because she KNOWS what is going on. Then she turns to me and says “Oh C—- it will be ok. You don’t need to be embarrassed.” Then she turns to her sister and says “Oh she is just sitting over there mortified.” After that I got up and left the conversation to “clean up.”  I couldn’t take it anymore. Thankfully they all left after another hour.

Now my family is back east and today was the day my brother and his now fiancée (they got engaged this past weekend) were going to announce the sex of his baby. They had decided to put balloons in a box (pink for girl, blue for boy) and have someone open it in front of both families. So I got a text during all the lovely conversation with a picture of a balloon that says “It’s a girl.” I had to call and congratulate them. I watched the video that they posted on Facebook too.

Next year, my husband and I decided we are hiding at home and not doing ANYTHING for the holidays. We will say we are going back east to his family, and say we are staying home to my family. SCREW IT.



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