Dec 15-My Birthday

Another year, another birthday. Being on a Monday it sort of sucks. We did some things I wanted this weekend. We bought our Christmas tree, a beautiful 8 foot noble fir. I decorated it. A birthday weekend tradition. It may seem strange to have that as a birthday tradition, but when your birthday is 10 days from Christmas you can not help but to blend it in with the holiday season. If my darling husband doesn’t work too late, we will be going out to dinner tonight. I am also popping by my work’s team lunch. Just because I am off, doesn’t mean I don’t like free food!

Yesterday I started the birth control that I am required to take the month before our IVF cycle starts. It is no nerve wracking and exciting to be starting this once again. Because my brother has spina bifida (a birth defect where the spinal cord doesn’t close all the way-usually due to lack of folic acid during pregnancy) I am taking 4mg of folic acid a day and my prenatal as well. SO many pills. Hey at least it isn’t needles, yet anyway.

It still hasn’t completely sunk it yet that we will be able to do the IVF cycle next month. I feel the dark cloud that has been following me since we postponed our last attempt is lightening. It still affects me sometimes, but much less than a month ago. Optimism is coming back. I don’t want to think that I will get lucky enough to get pregnant on the first try, but I do want to be prepared for it.

Hopefully I can keep the stress levels down with us hosting Christmas this year. All in all about 12 people. We aren’t doing gifts this year (obviously we need to save our money for January) so at least there is that.

Daydreaming: maybe by my next birthday we will have our little bundle of joy….



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