Dec 11- Unexpected Information

Yesterday while at work I was checking my email and turns out our escrow account was overfunded this year and they are sending a refund check. I went back to my day and then when I got home and told my husband about it, it sunk in. We might actually be able to afford the IVF medication if I am still with my company in January.

Recently I was lucky enough to be contacted by a recruiter for another firm. I have already had one phone interview and was moving on to the next stage. I feel lucky that I was not actively looking for a job yet, one may have found me. I am not counting on it of course, but it is a positive sign. If I do end up leaving before we start the IVF we will probably have to wait a couple of months.

So much is up in the air right now. I am normally a big planning person so it makes me a little nervous to have so much out of my control right now. Despite my eye twitch telling me I am stressed out, I don’t feel that stressed out. I mean I have been feeling down recently, but this sudden development of the escrow account seems to have perked me up a bit.

We shall see what the future holds!



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