Nov 18- The Day of Getting Laid Off

Went into work this morning and noticed there was a meeting planned for this afternoon. I was curious as to what it was. The senior didn’t know and neither did my manager. I showed up 5 minutes early with my notebook. I like to be prepared. Then I noticed some of the big wigs came in. Hmmm, they weren’t on the meeting planner. They dialed in some people working remotely.

They proceed to let us know that our team and one other team are being transitioned to another company and that there is no opportunity to go along. They say we can apply for other internal opportunities. Meeting adjourned. I’m looking around for reaction from others and nothing. I think maybe I didn’t hear them properly. When we get back to our desks it sinks in. I tear up. We all have meetings with HR to discuss the severance package.

I found out we have our jobs until March 13. I am completely deflated. I spent most of the remaining afternoon tearing up and doing my work.

Any delusions about using our newly improved health care (which was going to cover IVF) are gone. Who is going to hire a pregnant lady? I wouldn’t even qualify for FMLA because I won’t have been there a year. The only silver lining to having to push back our IVF cycle just disappeared. I am so sad. I hate job hunting. I just got this job less than four months ago.

Why does the universe hate me???? I swear if I hear “everything happens for a reason” one more time….



2 thoughts on “Nov 18- The Day of Getting Laid Off

  1. Well, you’re employed for almost 4 months. Is the insurance still in effect now? Or January? I’d think about doing a cycle (why not take advantage of the benefits, so few plans cover IVF) and bank the embryos? When you get your next job you can transfer when you feel comfortable. I’m sure you’re totally shocked now but try not to panic. It will be OK.


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