Nov 14-The One with the Dream

Woke up this morning after having a rather vivid dream about a baby. No need for a therapist to decipher this one:

We had just had an adorable baby boy. I was carrying him around and realized we had no diapers. Our neighbors just had a baby and apparently bought a new house. So we went over to their new house which was a beautiful, spacious, modern gigantic home. They had a girl and only had girl specific diapers so they wouldn’t work for our little boy. Then my milk came in while we were there and I wasn’t wearing a nursing bra and there was some leaking. Ok ok it was more like milk squirting everywhere (in our neighbors house no less). All over their new hard wood floors. I was mortified. My husband was laughing (of course it was pretty funny). It was somewhat like in the movie “Grown Ups” when the nursing mom is squirting milk across the table on the pregnant lady’s face.

My interpretation: I am worried that after we pay for the IVF and have our baby that we won’t be able to afford anything for him or her.

It was weird when I woke up, my arms felt empty. I spend my whole dream carrying around the little bundle that when I woke up I felt like I was missing something.



2 thoughts on “Nov 14-The One with the Dream

  1. I’ve had a very similar fear. IVF is so expensive and so many people do multiple rounds. It’s so hard to keep the faith to do it and trust that all will be OK. Good luck!


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