Oct 31- Halloween

I tried to amp up my excitement for this Halloween. We bought 150 glow sticks and 300 pieces of candy. I even got a velvety purple witch hat to wear while handing it out. I guess I thought that if I got excited enough about handing our candy that I wouldn’t notice all the adorable children. We had bought our house just after Christmas last year so we missed all the excitement/torture.

I put on my witch hat and sat on my porch at about 5:15. When I looked up trick or treating hours it said starting at 5 or 6. After about half an hour I went back inside to wait until after dark. When I went back out the first trick or treaters were some new neighbors and their 2 kids. The next was a mom and her baby, asleep in the stroller. He was dressed in a stripe prison onesie. The next few hours flew by. We saw only 2 more adorable babies. Some of the kids were dressed as Captain America and the princess from Frozen. Some kids were not dressed up at all and were using walmart bags or their backpacks for the candy. We actually had so many trick or treaters we ran out of glow sticks by 7:15 and candy by 8:15. One of our neighbors ran out of candy at 7:30.

Once in a while during the lulls between groups, I felt the pain of sadness. Any time one of the kiddos was extra shy or cute, I felt so sad. I was missing out on what these people had. When the kids didn’t have costumes, I selfishly thought about how we could afford them for our kids (Of course I have no idea what personal circumstances were going on, nor can I tell the future to see that we will always be financially secure). It was bittersweet.

At the end of the night, our neighbors and their kids came to chat in our driveway. The kids running around all excited and maybe a little bit full of sugar. It was a nice ending to the night.



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