Sept 30 – IVF Class

Went to the specialist’s office today to go over how the IVF cycle is going to work. Currently I am on birth control so that we can time everything. They told me to skip the sugar pill week and continue taking it until they tell me to stop. They have a whole calendar that they are going to email me so I can keep track of what to take when. Then they we talked about the dreaded hormone shots. Let’s say this part shocked me quite a bit. I had no clue that the medicine consisted of 3 different shots! I HATE needles. I almost had a heart attack during the IUI cycle we did a year ago when I had to do the shot for the ovulation trigger.

So 2 weeks of shots. Then the egg retrieval. Thank goodness I will be unconscious for that! More needles. A giant needle in my vagina to suck the eggs out of BOTH ovaries. Then they let me know how many eggs we will have developing. She said to expect that day 1 has the most loss of eggs. By day 3 or 5 we will do the implantation, which apparently requires 2 days of bed rest. No cooking, no cleaning, no working (gee, what a shame! Although I am slightly concerned about food for those few days!). Then the pregnancy test is 12 days from the retrieval. Have to take progesterone in that time too.

So last time we did a cycle an unmentioned side effect of the progesterone cream was some dryness, in an area that dryness is not desired when being intimate. So I asked what we could do to avoid that. She said it was a gel so that wouldn’t be an issue. But then she said the dreaded information: no sex, for FIVE WEEKS! um. what? No sex from retrieval to pregnancy test to avoid infection, blah blah, No sex If pregnant for the first 3 weeks. =( boo. I am not a fan.

All in all I am terrified and excited. I am nervous about paying for the medicine but we are marching toward this goal.


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