Sept 25 – Sonohysterogram and Blood Work Results

Went to the specialist’s and did my Sonohysterogram today. That is the test where there insert a catheter into your uterus through your cervix and inject water/saline solution and then look at your uterus with an inter-vaginal ultrasound. It was uncomfortable but didn’t hurt. I have been mildly cramping and had a watery discharge. Everything was all clear.

My blood work came back mostly good. She said my FSH was great so that means my egg quality is good. My AMH was low so they are making me retest that one (oh yay???). AMH could be linked to egg reserves. She said it helps determine how much medicine I need to take for the egg retrieval process. They want to collect as many eggs as possible. My prolactin was high (which is odd) so I am redoing that one as well. They said I need to be fasting and no hanky-panky for 48 hours before. I don’t have any STDs or HIV (which I knew). Still immune to rubella, so no need to get another vaccine. I have a vitamin D deficiency, which she said was common so she prescribed a huge dose that I take once a week.

My husband still needs to get his blood work done and get his sample frozen. I guess when there is a low count they like to freeze the sample so that just in case during the IVF cycle, so they have back up if the fresh sample is lacking. Too bad the office hours are not great with his job. I think he may have to do the blood work at the lab and get his swimmers frozen next month when we are on vacation.

I asked my doctor about my weight. To be honest I am an emotional eater and since I have been working at desk jobs I have put on about 20 pounds, putting my BMI over 30. Yup, I am considered obese now. She said there were studies that said being at a healthy weight range is better for the pregnancy, less complications, less miscarriage risk, etc. But then she said that my BMI was not a deal breaker and that it was not going to stop the process. Why did I have to ask her? I mean I know clearly it is not the healthiest to be overweight, but she could have said something. I don’t understand why she wouldn’t say, “hey it wouldn’t hurt to drop a few pounds,” you know? I have already been trying to get healthier. I have stopped drinking pop (been 1 soda in 3 weeks), increased my water drinking from 2 cups a day to 8-10 cups a day, and been trying to take the furbabies on more walks. It doesn’t help that it has been over 100 degrees all week and that my hubby has been out working til 7 every night. I also caught a nasty cold so I haven’t felt like doing anything. I mean you should see how messy my house is. If it isn’t necessary, I am not doing it right now. Next steps….

I signed up for an IVF class with my specialist next week. I don’t know exactly what it goes over, other than the hormone shots instructions. One step closer everyday.


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