Sept 22 – Fears before Starting

I was on facebook and one of my friends commented on one of their friend’s status. The woman had miscarried at 6 months (I guess it is technically considered a still birth). That poor woman. I must admit that it totally freaked me out. I spent the rest of the afternoon at working researching miscarriages. Turns out miscarriage rates for someone my age is only 10 to 15% for the first trimester and drops down to 5% after that. I think my heart would break if I miscarried after all we are going through to get pregnant.

I had to look up what a chemical pregnancy was. Turns out it is a miscarriage that happens before the egg really gets going. The only proof that you were pregnant is the positive test. I know it is not a perfect process but I am freaked out. I need to stop checking Facebook so much.

When I told my husband about how I was feeling he said “So there is a 85 to 90 percent chance nothing will go wrong.” Such an optimist! He knows how to handle my crazy.=)


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