Sept 19 – A wrench in the timeline

So my “friend” or Aunt Flo showed up today, a whole 8-10 days early. After all I just ovulated this week! When I was at the second opinion on Monday she said she saw my eggs on the ultrasound. Deep down I was like “oh hey, maybe I’m spotting because I am preggers.” If only I had such luck! One of my co-workers told me a story about how her friend went in for IVF and before the egg retrieval found out she was already pregnant. I would LOVE for that to be me, hell it would save us 20 grand.

If I had any doubts, the cramps I am feeling tell me otherwise. I am a little freaked out. In my mind last night I was sort of time lining. End of October – start the hormones, Mid Nov – we do the extraction and hopefully find out we are pregnant in December. Now I have 2 weeks less to take care of everything!! We still have to get the medical financing, plus complete the applications for the prescription assistance. And my hubby needs to get his hiney to the urologist.

I told my husband and he said “Maybe your body didn’t want to wait so long.” Maybe he is right!


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