Sept 18- Taking the Plunge

I am feeling so much more optimistic today. My husband and I talked about it last night and decided to just go for the regular IVF thing. I thought to myself “If we keep waiting for the perfect time to do this, we never will.” I might bust out my old pregnancy books and give them a reread. It has been a good ten or so years since I read them. I think in order for us to be successful I need to go all in emotionally (yes sorry I know the phrase “all in” is cliché and overused). I can’t keep playing the what if game. I need to stay positive and know this is going to happen.

My husband is going to go see a urologist to see if that will help. He was less thrilled about having blood work done.

I read on that the specialty prescriptions online and it may save us some money. I am also going to apply for the financial help with the medications. There are a couple programs that may help. First steps and compassion care, if I remember correctly. Now I do not know if we are considered financial hardship but I know how expensive they can be.

I have been trying to envision the changes in our lives when the kids come. Bedrooms no longer empty. No more silence in the house. No more relaxing time! This is going to happen! We are going to become parents. So weird to think…

To prepare for this I need to overhaul my eating and exercising habits. I am doing a no soda attempt. Only one in the last week and a half. Not too bad. Slowly I am going to cut out junk. I have already started drinking more water and eating more fruits and vegetables, not to mention the prenatal vitamins. Because my brother has spina bifida I am on 4 mg of folic acid a day.

As far as exercising goes, we finally we able to take the furbabies on a walk this week. It is still so hot here in Phoenix, but it cooled off just enough to no longer be unbearable outside.  We have a month and a half to get our act together before I will be all jacked up on hormones!

My dad is coming to visit us at the end of October and that will be about the same time we are undergoing this. He was talking about us giving him a grandchild. He sounded so happy. It was the first time we had talked about it. He said he wanted to help us, but he gave us the down payment for the house so I don’t want him being financially unstable to help us.

Hmmmm if I got pregnant in November we would have the baby in July. A summer baby,


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